My GP Diagnosis

My diagnosis of Gastroparesis was not an easy one.  I have been seeing my Gastroenterologist for 10+ years.  The same guy.  We laugh and joke about it but on a serious note, he has thoroughly tested all of my innards.  Around 4 years ago, he requested that I complete a gastric emptying study to which I complied with the long 4 hour nausea inducing test.  When I went for my follow up to find out the results, he looked at the screen and had one of those light bulb moments.  Turning to me he throws his hands up and says “well no wonder you haven’t been feeling good, you are not digesting your food properly” and as he became happy to have a reason for my constant displeasure in his office, I’m growing more and more bleak about my situation.  He continues to tell me there is no cure for this.  That this was caused by my diabetes and that my stomach is basically paralyzed.  That there is a pacemaker they can insert into my stomach to make it contract and digest however, it’s not approved by the FDA and it’s causing horrific infections among those who opt for it.  He can also put me on extremely high doses of zythromycin in an effort to accomplish the same results.  I decline both and leave his office in tears.

This is my wonderful gastroenterologist, Dr. Wong:

Dr_ Wong

If you are in the Fredericksburg, VA. are and are seeking a good Gastro Dr., let me know and I will give you his details.

I still struggle with pain, nausea,bloating, etc on a daily basis and I’m not sure he can do much more for me.  Everything has to do with what I put in my stomach though so I try to stay away from the things I know bother me:

  • Anything fibrous
  • Spicy foods
  • Red Sauce

Jason has asked me to start probiotics. I have been on them now for 2 months and have noticed a remarkable difference. I use:

I missed my last follow up with Dr. Wong.  I was exhausted and hopeless feeling like it was going to be a colossal waste of my time to go wait for him for half my evening just to tell me the same thing I’ve been hearing for years now.  I love this Dr. don’t get me wrong but this condition is horrible and really takes it’s toll. Not having a cure or help is really quite frustrating.